Ada Police Department
Protecting and Serving Ada, Ohio Since 1861
Michael Harnishfeger, CLEE
Chief of Police
Investigative Services
The Ada Police Department realizes the importance of a well-rounded police agency in utilizing all modern tools and tactics to respond to and resolve criminal cases. Along with generalized training for all of our officers in response to crime scenes, the Ada Police Department takes pride in the specialized investigative services available to the public through individual members of the department who are assigned as detectives or specialized investigators dealing with specific criminal cases. Officers of the Ada Police Department who are assigned as a detective or specialized investigator will undergo specific and intense training for their particular area of expertise. We believe that "no one cares like we do" when it comes to investigations and thus our local abilities to respond to and resolve crime is very important to the Ada Police Department.

As important is the ability to discover leads and solve crimes is the recognition by our department to understand that as a smaller agency we do have certain limitations in resources and technology that mandate a strong relationship with other agencies that can provide expert assistance as needed. In such cases Ada Police Officers maintain a great relationship with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Identification and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to call on their assistance as needed.

As part of our investigative tactics, open cases are reviewed several times per month to ensure that our officers and detectives are pursuing any and all possible leads. As a result of this continued follow up and perseverance, the Ada Police Department has been able to make a number of arrests even months after a crime has occurred and we are always assessing current information with past criminal practices.

We truly believe that we owe this persistence to our citizens and when we take a bad guy off the streets or bring to light his criminal activities, we are preventing his or her ability to victimize again.
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